Danube Flyover

“Danube Flyover “ is a dynamic pedestrian bridges that aims to engage people into other programs. More than a pure connection the Danube Flyover gives to the public an exiting hangout space . Between the 1st and 3 rd district in Vienna gives the opportunity to use the channel for different social interactions. The 3 levels bridges provide indoor, outdoor and semi open spaces all to be suitable for use all year long.The interior space mayor move is a central atrium that connects physically and visually all 3 levels, making the interior a bright and cosmic space.

Pocket spaces can be found on the top and on the road level, creating interesting pause spaces where users from the MAK museum and the University of Applied arts can meet and exchange their interest in a progressive environment .The curvilinear geometry start to get fragmented and to split up when openings are needed whereas for light requirement or for a an entrance . The option of crossing the bridge in a straight forward way is always possible but its design to attract users into socializing. Finally the permeable core works together with the under space frame and the two arcs on top of the bridge to make an unify structural system.