YEAR : 2013



Different frequencies are captured into architectural elements. An alluring interior transforms the movement from the exterior into an expressive ceiling and a prominent sculptural counter with strong lines yet giving a lightweight appearance.The project aimed to use local resources, however to develop further the architectural language fundamental components not available in this region were imported from Europe. The facade, counter, and the ceiling elements are CNC milled in Breitenfeld, Austria then exported and finished in San Jose, California, USA. This was possible thanks to routing technology supported through our strategic partner Agropac and the great support of a refined craftsmanship team located in Costa Rica. Quique Boutique is refurbished with a progressive composition. Users are invited from the hallway,


where sinuous movements emerge gently from the monochromatic facade.The project seeks to give a readable but still unexpected shopping experience for customers, creating new angles and projecting graphical lines built in architectural components. Due to the great variety of products that Quique showcases, the architects decided to choose the absence of color for the space with a system based on a dichotomy of black/white. The entrance is smoothly indicated by an overall gesture, where the movement gains its deepest relief. In the interior the ceiling and floor boundaries create a mirroring effect that established two distinct areas, one holds the beachwear and the the other accommodates an urban clothing line. As a result all common architectural elements turn into a meaningful function meanwhile conveying key information to the user.